Well, this one’s a frustrating one.

Mid-last week I entered short against the grain in the EURUSD, on a bearish pin that looked to me like a sure thing. I was fresh off the back two straight euro wins (in the opposite direction, and very much against my bias) and I was a little more comfortable taking one to the short side. I got in at close, as ever, and targeted 1.092. You can check out the chart in the post here.

Well, the trade started to run in my favor, but then Wednesday happened.


There’s no other way for me to put it. Price ran up to take out my stop, then immediately reversed, gave back all of its strength, and the bearish euro trend continued. We all know what underpinned the move, and I’m not going to get in to a discussion about that here, but there we go.

Stopped out, first loss of the new journal, and it’s a black swan that does me. Not to worry. Things have settled now and I’m looking forward.

Frustration left in the past (hmmm.)

Let’s see where things take us form here.

Happy trading!


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