Hello there everyone. It’s been a while.

Since first kicking off this site nearly half a decade ago, we’ve been through a number of iterations, stalls, restarts etc. Things haven’t run as smoothly as I would have liked for various technical or commercial reasons, and I’ve had to shut down the site for what now seems like a huge amount of time well everything smooths out.

We’re now ready to get back up and running, and up and running for good. The site’s had a bit of a revamp, but that aside, we’re going to pick up right where we left off. My strategy remains the same. My book is available here for anyone interested in taking a look (although I suspect that’s how many of you got here in the first place). We’re all just a few years older, that’s all.

So, with that said, and with hopefully as many of the old faces still along for the ride, let’s get things moving once more.

Here’s to a good run, and you’re continued support.

All the best and happy trading!


  1. Samuel, great to have you back, I have read your book several times and are looking forward to your new energised web site. Cheers Mark.

    • Hey Mark!
      Great to have you on board. I’ve been looking forward to getting started up with the site again, and hopefully we can get many of the old guard back on board with us as we go.
      All the best!

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