About Me

I’m Samuel Rae

A vague and third person introduction

Having completed his Economics BSc Degree in Manchester, Samuel Rae quickly discovered that the retail Forex industry was for him. A short foray into the corporate world drove him to search for an alternative to the more traditional ways of making a living, and in becoming a retail trader he has achieved exactly that.

Through persistent market participation and extensive education he has grown to become a specialist in both fundamental and technical analysis.

His personal trading style combines classic candlestick analysis with a simple, logical and risk management driven approach to the financial markets – a strategy that is described and demonstrated in his Diary of a Currency Trader (Harriman House).

Something a little more personal

I’ve been trading the same way for more than a decade and – along the way – have picked up a bunch of great friends and trading students. I like to avoid the ever-present shit storm that is the marketing side of forex, and I trade a simple, risk management driven approach. It’s consistently profitable, very easy to implement and can be applied to pretty much any scale of starting capital.

This site details all of my trades as I enter, and is a real-time log of my success and failures in the markets.

If you’ve read my book, you’ll know what to expect. If you were with us when I ran this site as a simple blog a few years ago, you’ll be in a similar position. If you’re knew to this, great to have you on board.

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